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Dongzhai Gang National Nature Reserve

In the northeast of Hainan Island, you can find a natural paradise hungry to be discovered and explored, a place which has entered the provisional list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The Dongzhai Gang National Natural Reserve is home to an impressive mangrove forest in Dongzhai Port, in the Meilan district, which has become one of the main natural attractions in the city of Haikou.

With an area of ​​4,000 square meters and an extensive list of attributes, this reserve is crossed by six rivers, but there are also several bays. Here, there is an unforgettable opportunity to put the adrenaline of day-to-day life aside and let yourself be carried away by the charm of a nature walk or a boat trip between mangroves.

The reserve's trees feed on the shallow waters of the port and the roots anchor the soil, creating a perfect ecosystem for local wildlife. In fact, the vast swampy area of ​​this forest is home to well over 150 species of birds, some of them migratory.

Winter is the best time to appreciate these animals because the reserve is full of species that try to escape the cold of mainland China in the north. Lovers of the natural kingdom can also appreciate various mollusks and fish, as well as different crustaceans, and a universe of a thousand and one plants.

Diving lovers, on the other hand, can always discover a brave new world under the tranquil waters of Dongzhai Gang. In 1605, more than 70 local villages submerged, following a devastating earthquake that hit the coastal area. Since then, they have been preserved by the sea, which gives everyone heading beneath the surface a chance to uncover a whole new world.


Dongzhai Gang Mangrove Protection Zone, Meilan District, Haikou (海口市美兰区东寨港红树林自然保护区)

Travel Tips

If you are a bird lover, then you will want to spot as many different species as possible. With that in mind, winter is a good time for to you to visit Dongzhaigang National Natural Reserve. It is when the migratory species arriving from other parts of China will be swelling the numbers.

Upon arrival, admission is free and the natural reserve can be visited between 08:30 and 18:00, on foot or by boat.

It is a natural attraction that will awaken your senses, offering a truly immersive experience where you can absorb all that nature has to offer in harmony with the local ecosystem.

Contact number: 0898-65743011

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