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Leiqiong Global Geopark Hainan

Part of UNESCO’S Global Network of Geoparks since 2006, the Leiqiong Global Geopark Hainan is an epicentre of “geological tourism”, waiting to be discovered.

Located south of the Qiongzhou Strait, in Shishan Town, southwest of Haikou City, it contains several volcanoes that confirm the priceless natural heritage of the island of Hainan, both for researchers and tourists.

The geopark consists of more than a hundred volcanoes formed through the eruption of steam and basaltic magma. And it has plenty of attractions to entertain visitors during countless hours. Here you can see craters of different types of volcanoes and marvel as you walk through dozens of lava tunnels.

As the highest point of the geopark, the Maanling crater, one of the last surviving examples of its kind and the main attraction, is a natural viewing area providing vistas you'll never forget: of breath-taking landscapes, surrounding vegetation and the city of Haikou.

Leiqiong has 75 geoheritage sites, the vast majority volcanic. For many, the geopark is a natural monument to quaternary basaltic volcanology.

The “Maar” craters are a sight to behold. These are large low-level craters created by explosions that occur when groundwater comes in to contact with hot lava or magma.

The fascinating landscape is filled with shallow crater lakes, as is the case with Lake Marr, another the geopark’s features.

The 60 feet high, and 426.5 feet long, Longmen Waterfall is something else you should see too, ideal for all visitors looking for a cool area, completely embraced by nature.

The fauna and flora are abundant, with the geopark recognised as the “Tropical Volcanic Ecological Museum of China.” And talking of a museum, here you can also find exhibitions of volcanic rocks that tell the story of this attraction. Some date back to the Stone Age and await your visit.


Shishan Village, Xiuying District, Haikou (海口市秀英区石山镇)

Travel Tips

As well as public transport, you can also travel to the attraction by car. A journey well worth taking, transporting you to a natural wonder that you will never forget.

Ticket price: 60 RMB per adult

Opening hours: 08:00-18:0017:30 last entry time

Contact number: 0898-65468900

Nearby Attractions: Holiday Beach, Arcade streets, Evergreen Park, Haikou Clock Tower