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Best ways to enjoy Haikou’s Spring Festival

Best ways to enjoy Haikou’s Spring Festival

Haikou said goodbye to the Year of the Ox on 1 February 2022 and welcomed the Year of Tiger, with plenty of celebrations ringing in an atmosphere of fun, culture and increasing numbers of tourists to the city. But what are the best ways to make the most of Haikou during a visit? Here is a list of the most scenic places, cultural and sport venues not to miss.

Weather Forecast

According to Haikou’s Meteorological Bureau forecast, from 31 January 31 to 6 February (New Year's Eve to the sixth day of the first lunar month), cold air, cloudy days and rain are common, alongside low temperatures. Once you’re preparing your trip, don’t forget to pack warm and comfortable clothes and to make appropriate travel arrangements.

You should also pay attention to travel warnings issued by health, tourism, public security and transportation departments to learn about the latest epidemic restrictions and control policies in place in your destination of arrival and other places along the way. 

7 days of fun

From the first to the seventh day of the Spring Festival, there are plenty of activities to enjoy in Haikou. Here’s a list to whet your appetite.

Spring Festival: Day 1

On the first day of the Spring Festival, citizens and tourists can take part in water sports at the No. 1 National Sailing and Windsurfing Training Base of Haikou Xixiu Beach.

If you’re interested in activities, you’ll need to sign up to participate on the WeChat public account of "Haikou Tourism".

You might also want to take some time to walk on Haikou’s Arcade Street, discovering its fascinating alleyways and tasting the flavours of the New Year in one of the many local restaurants.

Feel the vibes of dragon and lion dances and enjoy the magic world of Hainan’s doll opera performances. At night, go to the Bund area in Haikou to visit the "Shining Night Dragon Flower" street art event. Besides checking the wonderful street art., you can also taste delicious food here too.

Spring Festival: Day 2

Do you enjoy exercising regularly? If so, why not check out the Evergreen Garden, located in Haikou’s Longhua district, to meet locals and to stretch your muscles for the New Year. Sign up on the "Haikou Tourism" WeChat public account, to participate in the activities.

You can also head to the mountain to pray for blessings in the New Year, climb the volcano located in the Haikou Volcano Geopark, enjoy folk music, watch the folk songs and typical dance performances, during your visit.

Spring Festival: Day 3

On day three of the Spring Festival there are multiple folk activities planned for Haikou’s Movie Town. It’s a massive tourism town built for television and movie filming. You can enjoy all sorts of things, such as writing Fu characters, sending Spring Festival couplets and watching folk culture performances and so on.

Then you can head to the Changying Resort Wonderland to capture perfect WeChat Moments and take a photo with a striking eight-metre giant tiger statue.

Spring Festival: Day 4

Visiting scenic spots and tasting delicious food is always a winning formula. On the fourth day of the Spring Festival, you can do just that before taking part in other offerings.

The green cycling activity, for example, starting in the Arcade distribution square, allows locals and tourists to rent equipment for free and to go cycling.

You can also try some basketball tricks on the basketball court in Haikou Century Park. For that you will need to register on the WeChat public account of "Haikou Tourism". For wildlife lovers, you won’t want to miss the cute tigers at the Hainan Tropical Wildlife and Botanical Garden.

During the Spring Festival celebrations, major hotels in Haikou offer exquisite afternoon tea packages.

They’re perfect for family time, while also giving the opportunity to snap the outstanding architecture of some of the most luxurious hotels in town including the Hilton Haikou, Hualuxe Hotel Haikou and the Langting Hotel Haikou.

Spring Festival: Day 5

During the Spring Festival celebrations, flowers are in full bloom in Haikou, bringing fresh aromas to the city’s streets. Don’t miss the chance to visit Haikou’s Bougainvillea Shared Farm, to see the 2022 Haikou Bougainvillea Exhibition, enjoy the sea of colours and take photos with the colourful blooms.

Then why not give Haikong Yaocheng and Lianlizhi a try, where you can taste delicious local dishes. In the evening, the "Miyazaki Hayao Hisaishi" concert takes to the stage in the Haikou Bay Performing Arts Centre, but, in addition, you can also see some of the New Year's films screened in major cinemas in Haikou City.

Spring Festival: Day 6

On day six of the Spring Festival you’re invited to come to Haikou to see the "Han Meilin Zodiac Art Exhibition", displaying the zodiac’s world of wonders. The "2022 Spring Festival Calligraphy Exhibition" is also being held in the Cultural Center of the Meilan District Public Library. If you’re a fan of calligraphy, then this is the exhibition for you.

Spring Festival: Day 7

With plenty of sales discounts on offer in Haikou’s duty-free shops, you can walk around the city on day seven of the Spring Festival hunting down the best bargains and deals. You can pick up some unique souvenirs which will provide long-term memories of your visit to the city.

Taking care of your health in Haikou

During the Spring Festival, considering the high numbers of people moving around from one place to another, locals and tourists should take precautions to stay safe and healthy.

Those activities and places with an asterisk in the itinerary code and those with a red or yellow health code have local epidemic prevention and controls in place which must be adhered to.

When participating in a tour group organised by a travel agency, you can participate in the tour with your ID card and real-name registration system.

Once an epidemic occurs in the province where you are located, tourists cannot enter Haikou in a group tour organised by a travel agency.

At the same time, when going out enjoy activities, you need to respect the epidemic prevention rules such as "wearing masks, measuring body temperature, checking health codes, and checking itinerary codes".

In the scenic area, it is crucial to keep a distance between people on transport, while making ticket purchases, sightseeing and dining out.

You’ll also need to check the schedules of tourist attractions, ticket reservation measures and hotel accommodation procedures in advance, so that you can make the most of your time in Haikou.