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Hainan University South Gate Night Market

If you love all things food, be sure to pay a visit to Hainan University South Gate Night Market (Haida Night Market). More than 200 stalls pack out a 400-metre-long, tempting you with some of the most delicious, colourful and unique delicacies Hainan island and mainland China have to offer.

Perfect to visit on a warm sunny evening, this open-air hotspot is adjacent to the Hainan University South gate. Here, you’ll be able to have a taste of the local lifestyle and see lots of students who come to relax after a long day spent in the classroom.

You can try out all sorts of snacks: Hainan-style noodles, soups, seafood or, if you prefer, kebabs, BBQ or fried octopus. You’ll also find Chinese sweet potato, fried tofu, fried yogurt and Han Ji steamed vermicelli rolls, which you should try at least once to taste the real deal.

If you have a sweet tooth, why not indulge yourself and enjoy one of the mouth-watering desserts available. Alternatively, you can opt to have a relaxing drink when you arrive and as the sun starts to set.

As well as all the gastronomic offerings, you will also find yourself in a shopping paradise, with many stalls selling mobile phones, souvenirs and clothes. A visit to the market is a real cultural treat, where you can immerse yourself in local life and pick up some memories that will stay with you long after you complete your visit to Hainan island.


No.14, Sanxi Road, Meilan District, Haikou (海口市美兰区三西路14)

Travel Tips

Should you consider visiting Haida Night Market, keep in mind it's open from 17:30 to 00:30. After this time, cars start circulating again in the area.

To make the most of your visit, make sure you arrive early. This way, you'll be able to get to the front of the queues, to enjoy the many stalls on offer along the street.

On rainy days, the Night Market is covered with small outside canopies, enabling you to still have a great time.

If you want to buy anything, you can pay in cash, with WeChat or Alipay.