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Huochetou Million Seafood Square

At Haikou’s Huochetou Million Seafood Square, visitors are welcomed by a striking, giant statue of a guardian octopus.

If you love some adventure and, above all, enjoy eating seafood at a reasonable price, get ready to discover a world full of prawns, crabs, groupers and shellfish of all kinds.

These are just some of the offerings tempting you in the seafood square, a well-known hotspot for tourists and visitors - sealing its place as a visitor attraction since it opened back in 2017.

Covering a huge area, space is no problem. The outstanding Huochetou Million Seafood Square can accommodate up to 10,000 people at one time making it perfect for a visit with your family and friends.

It boasts 150 seafood retail stalls and well over 80 seafood processing stalls, making it one of the busiest seafood squares in Haikou. A big attraction is the fact visitors can buy fresh seafood and have it cooked in one of the local restaurants.

You can pick up some great cooking tips here, to enjoy once you're back home. The cocktail of flavours will forever be in your mind.


west side of Longkun South Road Extension Line, Haikou (海口市龙昆南路延长线)

Travel Tips

A visit to Haikou's Huochetou Million Seafood Square is possible from 13:00 onwards, after the square's opening. It gets busier in the afternoon, in the run-up to the sun setting, so get here early to make the most of this culinary spectacle.

There's always room for visitors, so don't worry. A visit to the square is sure to be a highlight of your visit to Hainan, a unique experience that also makes for some good photos. Are your taste buds watering already?