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Jinpan Road

For Hainanese people, heading to a night market when it starts getting dark is almost a ritual.

An epicentre of Haikou nightlife, the Jianpan Night Market brings huge crowds to Chengxi Town. If you’re curious to experience this part of Hainan’s capital city, make sure you go in a group, as it’s a perfect spot to enjoy a late supper and some craft beers while having a good chat.

Famous for seafood and grilled fish, this market is one of the oldest in Haikou. Inside, it boasts more than 300 stalls, you’ll easily spot among the bright neon lights. Most of them can be discovered in the dining area, where you can come face to face with the flavours of practically every Chinese gastronomical region.

Typical Hainan snacks are dotted between the many stalls, offering so much variety. As you would expect, there’s a wide variety of noodles on offer, like tasty Lingshui sour noodles, alongside colourful soups. You will also find plenty of exotic fruits to tempt you, giving you the chance to taste some amazing fresh flavours that will also cleanse your palette.

After enjoying some food, you can do as locals do and head to other stalls selling clothing, electronic goods and flowers to try out your best bargaining skills. Each section is identified, so you won’t get lost.


No.8 Jinpan Road, Longhua District, Haikou (海口市龙华区金盘路8)

Travel Tips

As one of Haikou’s busiest spots, the Jianpan Night Market is open all day long, but it's only at night that it becomes crowded with locals and tourists.

With a laid-back coastal leisure style, it offers you the chance to try some specialties from all over China, as well as some international flavours too.

The open-air space also invites you to enjoy a beer in a warm environment alongside people from all walks of life.

With all the clothing and electronic items on offer, you have no excuse not to pick up some gifts to take home. If you’re travelling by car, it’s easy to reach the market.