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A feast for the senses, Jinshuimen provides everything you need to eat in style on Xinbu island. It was originally a stall for selling seafood until it blossomed to become a dazzling riverside restaurant.

Nestled at the mouth of the Nandu river and adjacent to Haikou’s Haidian island, this one-of-a-kind space provides countless photo opportunities, not only because of the surrounding landscapes and cruise ships, but also due to the delicacies you can find at the table.

Even though seafood is one of the favourites here, you’ll also find lots of other tempting options available at lunch, dinner, and some special dishes added to the afternoon tea.

Delicacies such as syrupy mung beans, red beans, sweet potato taro, papaya cakes and sweet noodles, for example, are all available at the Golden Water Gate Daddy Tea. Deliciously tempting to enjoy with family and friends.


Near Xinbu Avenue, Xinbu Bridge, Haikou (海口市新埠大道新埠大桥附近)

Travel Tips

Jinshuimen Seafood Restaurant(金水门江边海鲜酒楼)

Address: 90 meters northwest of Jinshuimen Yinhe Restaurant, Xinbu Avenue, Haikou (海口市新埠大道金水门银河酒楼西北90)

The reasonable prices and high-quality of Jinshuimen Seafood Restaurant never fail to seduce visitors dropping by for a visit to Xinbu island. You could be the next passenger on board the floating vessel that houses the restaurant.

The boat sets sail and provides a magical experience, especially at night. You’ll be treated to mesmerising views of the glistening waters and passing skyscrapers while enjoying some delightful food and a great atmosphere.