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Shui Xiang Kou

Once known as Yuxiufang in ancient times, Shui Xiang Kou is now a vibrant area in bustling Haikou.

If you’re staying in central Meilan District, you’ll easily come across the 205-metre-long street - named after the nearby river - which still maintains its original style amid more modern surroundings.

Some of the street's buildings still boast almost untouched Nanyang-style architecture. So much so, the area was chosen to feature in the well-known Chinese-movie Fang Hua.

These contrasts will certainly whet your appetite to take a few photos or some videos, as you absorb what will feel like travelling back in time.

And speaking of an appetite, if you’re feeling hungry during your visit, you can always enjoy a nice meal at one of the many historical restaurants along the street.

The eateries have become popular places to dine, with some keeping alive ancient traditions, giving you a real taste of the heritage and culture associated with the area.

If you’re a history buff, you can always find out more about the past of this street by heading to one of the local libraries. Perhaps you can spend an afternoon getting lost in the pages documenting days gone by?


Meilan District, Haikou (海口市美兰区)

Travel Tips

If you decide to eat in Shiu Xiang Kou, don't miss the opportunity to try spicy rice soup. You can find it at Chen Ji Spicy Rice Soup, a well-known name in this Haikou area.

Should you prefer meat, order some garlic-fried pork ribs or roast suckling pig, all good choices. Succulent and tasty, these delicacies attract lots of visitors looking to enjoy their unique flavours.

Keeping up with the tradition, you can also enjoy fried noodles. Be sure to also check out the shops selling typical snacks such as sweet potato cheese, pork offal and Jishiteng Guozai soup. There’s plenty of delicious treats on offer, make sure you come with an empty stomach to try as many as possible!