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Aged Salt Lemonade

Introduction & Highlights

Perfect to be served chilled and enjoyed with nice company on a summer evening, the‘Aged Salt Lemonade’ is a rising start amongst Haikou's most popular drinks. It's unique properties and cooling effect, alongside its striking colours, have quickly made this a landmark refreshment of Hainan island.

The unique flavour, no one is indifferent to, is the result of a seducing cocktail of flavours, a mix of special sea salt from Hainan, lemons, drops of kumquat and sugar.

Besides being an excellent ally for health, thanks to the huge dose of vitamin C, it also helps to stimulate appetite and aid digestion. Hainanese people drink it often. There are also some alternative flavours on offer, featuring other typical fruits.

Where to Experience
1. Dehuixuan Water Bar (德慧轩水吧)
No. 14 Haidian 1st East Road, Meilan District, Haikou (海口市美兰区海甸一东路14号)

The Dehuxiuan Water Bar's reputation has made it one of trendiest places to enjoy ‘Aged Salt Lemonade’ in Haikou. But don't leave it late in the day to come here, as just 2000 cups are served a day. You'll have to queue to dive into the Bar's secrets and enjoy the drink. It's so special that it's considered one of the best in Hainan island’s capital city.

2. Yin Meng Water Bar (饮盟水吧)
No.85 Boai North Road, Meilan District, Haikou (海口市美兰区博爱北路85号)

At Yin Meng Water Bar, you can see ‘Aged Salt Lemonade’ being made right in front of you. Maybe you could try to take some notes, so you can recreate this drink at home. But you’ll never be able to truly seal the true taste and experience offered at this bar.


3. Yan Zhi Water Bar (盐值水吧)
Near Zhenglong Fang, Boai South Road, Meilan District, Haikou (海口市美兰区博爱南路振龙坊)

Located in Haikou's Meilan District, the Yan Zhi Water Bar is another hotspot for ‘Aged Salt Lemonade’ lovers to enjoy a refreshing drink. Getting here from the city centre is easy. Once you arrive, you’ll find a nice room where you can relax with a chilled lemonade. A lovely place to visit.