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Tian Shu Nai

Introduction & Highlights

Even though the name suggests a sweet taste, Tian Shu Nai also has a salty sibling that you can try.

A snack enjoyed by all ages, it is loved by locals because it brings to the table the best of Chinese traditions and flavours.

Make sure you eat this dish soon after being prepared, so that you can fully absorb and experience the exotic fragrance coming from the steam of the sweet potatoes and rice milk.

If you have a sweet tooth, brown sugar can be added along with ginger and other seasonings, to create a unique twist.

If you are looking for a savoury version, more salty, Sweet Potato Cheese can be prepared in a different way. Hainanese people add fresh shrimp paste, sesame seeds, sesame oil and chilli oil to the broth for a final touch.

There are so many different great foods to try while visiting Hainan and the Tian Shu Nai is definitely on the must-eat list.  

Where to Experience

Hunting down Tian Shu Nai will not be difficult. You can always pull out your phrase book and try asking local people in Chinese where the nearest place is to try it. Or you can ask at your hotel or go online to find some recommendations of where to enjoy it at its best.

It may not be as famous as other dishes in Hainan, but it is one you will commonly find on menus as it is consumed far and wide.

Among the places to look out for are the many tea shops in Hainan province, across Haikou, Wanning and Qionghai.