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Haikou Cultural Festival in Memory of Madam Xian

Introduction & Highlights

Did you ever hear about the outstanding deeds of Madam Xian?

A heroine of China and one of the earliest examples of feminism, the legendary military figure is a central part of the annual Haikou Cultural Festival, held in her memory and celebrated on the second lunar calendar month.

As the biggest festival for Hainan people after the Chinese New Year, no expense is spared to impress locals and visitors alike.

Created to pay tribute to the political, economic and cultural contributions Madam Xian made to the development of Hainan and its people, the festival, also known as “Jun po festival,” has been attracting increasing attention worldwide. So much so, it’s become one of Hainan’s most popular folk holidays.

Should you feel tempted to visit, you’ll enjoy seeing and interacting with outstanding performances of the Hainan Opera about Xian’s life.

Throughout the whole festival there are also sacrificial ceremonies, simulated military processions, puppet shows and plenty of Hainan’s cultural traditions which will amaze you.

Local people usually dress up in military uniforms and perform lion dances, leaving no one indifferent to a visual spectacle full of colour and rhythm.       

Even though the festival lasts for four days, make sure you put it on your agenda if you’re thinking of coming to the province of Hainan, as it gets quite busy here during the days of the event.

Holding Time
The second lunar calendar month