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Longtaitou Festival fills Haikou with Spring vibes

14 Apr, 2022

Longtaitou Festival fills Haikou with Spring vibes

In China, the second lunar month of year brings fresh vibes, renewed energy and hope. The arrival of Spring is synonymous with clear skies, green spaces and sunny days. For teenagers it’s a chance to enjoy the outstanding street energy, whilst having fun.

The second day of the second lunar month is commonly known as " Dragon Head-Raising Day”, a special occasion for locals to celebrate the so-called Longtaitou Festival. From this day on, life is all about enjoying the good Spring vibes.

According to the solar terms, the second day of the second lunar month is also known as “Spring Ploughing Festival”, as it often coincides with the end of the rain and Spring Equinox. It also marks the start of agricultural activities.

Locals say that on the second day of February, good weather means good harvest. Should that be the case, big warehouses become filled with harvested goods. Much to the delight of communities.

 Visiting Haikou during the Spring ploughing is a great time to really get to know all towns and villages.

As the saying goes, "what you get depends on what you do". For that reason, residents of the coastal areas of Haikou have been farming and fishing for a living since ancient times. In the coastal areas of Haikou, there are unique cultural traditions of island fishermen which you cannot miss such as the fishing season ceremony, which gets things started with dragon dances and with parades.

In the old city area of Haikou, people celebrate their gratitude for the harvest, including its vegetables, fruits and food. They make steaming pig buns with flour for children to give them luck and for them to grow healthy.

The Longtaitou Festival is a good omen. Don’t miss the chance to soak up the atmosphere, the nature and the good vibes that the Spring season brings.