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Nanyang Cultural Circle

Nanyang Cultural Circle

The influence of Nanyang culture, that defines the southern coastal regions of China and Asia, is evident across Hainan island, including its capital city Haikou.

From typical flower shirts to the Arcade Street and Nanyang Street in Movie Town, Haikou is the epitome of southern spirit.

Movie Town

Movie Town

Regarded as one of the most expressive examples of arcade architecture in China, the iconic Arcade Street provides an opportunity to travel back in time, mixing Renaissance style alongside Baroque and Nanyang vibes.

It’s very much the same in the historic Nanyang Arcade Street, where the three architectural styles fuse together in different buildings, evoking the Western and Eastern worlds and showing an embracing of thinking beyond Hainan’s borders.

Stretching 300 metres, the Nanyang Arcade Street has remained practically unchanged, with a group of 70 Nanyang-style buildings. The years have past, but their silhouettes continue to be symbols of all the glory.

Arcade Streets

Inside these iconic buildings, you can discover clothing shops, martial arts halls, medicine and herbal tea shops and bakeries, among others.

Hainan Coffee

You can also find plenty of places to pick up souvenirs to take back home with you. Some really unique gifts, that are really evocative of Haikou’s traditions and spirit.

The intangible value of this cultural heritage of the city has been continuously recognised, so much so it became a must-see attraction in Haikou.

Travel Tips

Whether you are alone or with you family and friends no visit to Haikou is complete without experiencing the famous Nanyang Street. You can discover it on foot, at a leisurely pace, giving you time to absorb the unique atmosphere of this place.

Don’t forget to stop by at one of the coffee shops and bakeries, where you can enjoy an authentic welcome and tasty treat. For a more substantial meal, there are of course lots of restaurants to choose from, with menus brimming over with local delicacies to try.