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West Coast Scenic Belt

West Coast Scenic Belt

Overlooking the Qiongzhou Straight, Haikou’s West Coast is a place where you can admire two vistas: mainland China in the distance and Hainan island.

If you’re travelling to Haikou by air, you can normally see the West Coast from above. But you will also certainly want to visit it at ground level too, to appreciate its beauty, basked in balmy sea breeze.

The 22-kilometre-long Scenic Belt is located along the South China Sea. This charming place is home to exotic beaches, with golden sand and pristine waters, surrounded by palm trees and good vibes. They’re part of the wider West Coast Belt Park, which is a perfect place to hang out to relax and to enjoy some sports.

Perfect to also see the sun setting in the evening, the area is home to the famous Holiday Beach, a six-kilometre long stretch, where locals and tourists alike get together.

During the day, you can enjoy four different sections of the beach, including spaces for sunbathing, sports and food.

From here, heading to Haikou’s downtown, you’ll spot the picture-perfect Clock Tower, surrounded by head-turning flowers. It is adjacent to the Xixiu beach, another hotspot on the West Coast where you can go for a stroll and enjoy the magic of the water. It has been developed into a seaside resort, which also offers sail board training and is a competition base.

Haikou Clock Tower

There are plenty of restaurants to choose from in this popular area, where groups of people love to gather and pass the time away.

Travel Tips

During the day and in the evening, Haikou’s West Coast Scenic Belt is a privileged spot in the city that never sleeps.

If you visit, be sure to take some time to contemplate the architecture of modern buildings and Haikou’s Century Bridge. As a tropical forest area by the sea, you can also enjoy and feel the natural energy of coconut and olive trees.

If you love yachting and water sports, this is a place for you, with plenty of options on offer for you to have the time of your life.