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Peak Season (December-April)

Peak Season (December-April)

Hainan is a tropical paradise throughout the year, known for its all-year-round temperate climate, where palm trees, white sand beaches and pristine waters complete the sublime environment.

The peak season falls between December and April. There is less rainfall between December and February, when sunny and dry weather abounds. March and April are also good times to visit.

Hainan, and the capital Haikou, are perfect places to unwind and bask in all the treasures nature has to offer here.

Be sure to pack your beachwear, as you won't be able to resist taking a refreshing dip in the beautiful coastal waters or variety of swimming pools.

You’re also invited to dive into the island’s unique culture and rich gastronomy which are awaiting your discovery.

Luxury hotels are almost everywhere, but you can also find good, budget options that are in harmony with nature.

You will need a good night's sleep with so many places to explore during the days you spend here. From Haikou's Volcano Park, the Hainan Tropical Wildlife Park and Botanical Garden, to Dongzhai Gang Nature Reserve, this is a destination full of surprises that make for a perfect vacation. A place where memories are made.

Dongzhai Gang Nature Reserve

Travel Tips

If you love the beach, water sports and exercising in the open air in the tropical heat, then peak season in Haikou is the right choice for you.

But a visit during the months of March and April can also be a perfect time to have just as much fun. 

Bring lots of light clothing to keep yourself comfortable during your stay.

Whatever time of the year visit Hainan and Haikou, you are always guaranteed a tropical welcome. A chance to escape maybe the cooler climate of home?