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1. About Haikou

Haikou is a laid back, historic city, blessed with a beautiful climate and stunning coastline, stretching more than 130 kilometres. A place where unique and wonderful memories are made, ones that will stay with you for a lifetime.

It is China’s only tropical, coastal capital city. A place where you breathe fresh air, while being seduced by crystal-clear waters, stunning white-sand beaches, coconut trees and mangrove forests. With an average temperature of 75° Fahrenheit, Haikou is a haven of paradise waiting to be explored.

2. Where should I visit in Haikou?

You are spoiled for choice when it comes to places to see. Haikou features several natural wonders, such as Leiqiong Global Geopark Hainan, Dongzhaigang National Nature Reserve and Hainan Tropical Wildlife Park and Botanical Gardens.

As Hainan island’s transportation hub, Haikou is also a perfect as a base to explore other areas of this wonderful province.


1. Do I need a Visa to visit Haikou?

A Chinese visa and a valid passport are required documents for most overseas visitors entering China's mainland.

But, since 1 May 2018, upon approval by the State Council of the People's Republic of China, Hainan Province has implemented a visa-free entry policy for visitors from 59 countries including Finnish citizens.

Individuals holding ordinary passports from the 59 countries are entitled to visa-free entry into Hainan Province through its open ports followed by a stay of up to 30 days within the administrative regions of Hainan Province, on the condition that tours are booked through Hainan-based travel agencies.

Find out more here: Hainan 30-Day Visa-Free Access (Link to the page of Visa & Customs)

2. When should I apply for a Visa?

The best time to apply for your Chinese visa is 1-2 months before your travel date, the sooner the better.

The Chinese visa is generally valid for 3 months from the issue date to enter China. Please apply for your visa within 3 months of entry into China according to your travel itinerary. You need to avoid the visa expiring, or incurring extra costs for urgent processing.

3. Can I extend my Visa duration in China?

The permitted duration of stay of Chinese visas are generally up to 30 days. If you need to stay longer, please apply to the local public security bureau in China for an extension.

Overseas visitors who would like to stay in China beyond the duration of their visa need to do this. The visa extension application form should be submitted seven days before expiry.

Those who want their visa to be extended should provide the following evidential materials:

1) Valid passport and visa

2)  A completed application form for the visa extension

3)  Reason for the extension

The length of the extension depends on the type of visa, but multiple entry visas cannot be extended.

You are advised not to overstay the duration of your visa or fail to apply for an extension before your visa expires, as you will risk being heavily fined and have your travel plans disrupted.  


1. Where is Haikou airport located and how do I get to downtown?

Haikou Meilan International Airport is located 25 kilometres, or 16 miles, southeast of downtown Haikou. It is well connected, served by airport buses, taxis, and high-speed rail.

2. Can I buy tickets at East Haikou Railway Station?

Yes indeed. There are many trains from Haikou to Hainan's main cities along the east and west routes, such as Sanya, Qionghai, Wenchang, Danzhou and so on.

3. What do I need to book train tickets in Haikou?

Valid ID is required for booking train tickets in China, including:

1) Passengers from Hongkong SAR ,Macau SAR and Taiwan Province: Mainland travel Permit

2) Foreign Passengers: Passport

4. How far in advance can I book train tickets?

Train tickets in China are released online 30 days before departure. At train stations and ticket agencies, tickets go on sale 28 days in advance. And it is recommended that you book tickets as early as possible, especially during Chinese holidays and peak periods.


1. Do hotel rooms in Haikou have internet access?

Most 5-star hotels and many 4-star hotels have internet access in their guestrooms or free WiFi in the lobby. In addition, almost every hotel of 3-stars and above has a business centre, with computers and internet access.

2. Do I need to bring my sunglasses?

Haikou enjoys lots of sunshine, so yes sunglasses are certainly recommended. The highest temperature of 96.8℉ is recorded in Haikou in April, May, June and July.

Can I use my credit card for purchases in Haikou?

Most of the internationally accepted credit cards are usable in China. They include: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diner's Club, and the JCB card of Japan.

Credit cards are accepted only in large shopping malls and stores. Look out for card symbols in shops and hotels, indicating that they are accepted.

For non-UnionPay methods, there might be limited acceptance especially in small-scale stores. So, have some cash on hand too.

How do you exchange currency in Haikou?

Overseas visitors can bring cash and exchange it for RMB at the Bank of China and at hotels. Credit cards can also be used.