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Fushan Café

If you visit this tropical paradise, you can’t miss trying the Fushan coffee.
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Haikou Bay Performance Center

This cultural card of Haikou is the place to visit if you love opera, symphony and concerts of folk and chamber music.
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Jinlong Road Bar Street

Tropical Haikou is also home to plenty of trendy nightclubs, pubs and roadside stalls that you’ll love to enjoy on a warm evening or night.
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Dongmen Market

If you’re looking for fresh seafood in Hainan and want to lap up the hustle and bustle of the daily Haikou lifestyle, make sure you go to the Dadongmen Market.
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Yacht Cruising in Haikou

Yachting has a natural fit in Hainan, thanks to the stunning environmental conditions, coastline and tropical weather.