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Come to Haikou for beautiful experiences this May Day holiday

Come to Haikou for beautiful experiences this May Day holiday

The May Day holiday is approaching, which is a good time to travel. Under the premise of strict prevention and control of the pandemic, the Haikou Municipal Bureau of Tourism, Culture, Radio, Television and Sports has launched five themed activities of "I❤️HK, travel to Haikou during May Day Holiday". The activities allow all people to feel the charm of Coconut City.

The five themed events are "Starry Sky Delicacy Carnival", "Urban Coastal Party," City Coast Party, West Coast Trend Sports Carnival, "The party in Vibrant East Coast on May Day", "Lucky Bus to travel on May Day". This event includes new trends and fashions such as wild luxury camping, medieval luxury goods, afternoon tea salon, etc., as well as sports experience such as water sports, beach volleyball, hip-hop competition, parent-child tour, etc. Hotel, catering, and commercial consumption are emerging one after another, making Haikou tours even more interesting, informative and fun. It all adds up to an attractive cultural and tourism feast.

Highlight 1:Taste the food of five-star hotels in the creative market

This holiday, you might as well go outdoors to capture the midsummer light and experience a romantic summer scene. From April 30th to May 3rd, the 2022 Starry Sky Food Carnival was held in Baifang Outdoor Plaza. All kinds of drinks, specialty coffees, snacks and meals, as well as a wide range of five-star hotel delicacies are enjoyed on the lawn.

In addition to food, young and trendy arts such as original handmade works, artistic illustrations, and niche brands are also on offer. Five unique mobile shops will also appear, soothing people's hearts with the rich of coffee, food and snacks. In the creative market, people can also buy traditional Hainanese Lugu tea, as well as handmade intangible cultural and creative clothing that combines ethnic elements with modern fashion.

Sofitel Haikou, Hilton Haikou, Rose 1988 and Baifang Shopping Center jointly launched four major brand night activities. Sofitel Haikou and Hilton Haikou room vouchers, five-star hotel buffet vouchers, five-star spa cash vouchers, Weilai surprise awards, beer gift boxes, peripheral products... More wonderful gifts are waiting for you to receive.

Highlight 2:TheUrban Coastal Party is on fire

Along with the sea breeze, make an appointment with three or five friends, and come to a wild luxury camp experience! There’s no need for lots of preparations and luggage, you can easily and conveniently enjoy the wild fun in the urban area of Haikou.

During the May Day, in the free camping area of Haikou Century Park, you can experience a way of life that is popular all over the world. There’s food, wine, special snacks and beautiful sunsets all on offer here.

In addition, Hainan Tropical Wildlife Park and Botanical Garden, as well as the Westin Haikou, Langham Hotel Haikou, and HUALUXE Haikou Hualuxe Hotel will also be in attendance to exhibit and promote their offerings.

From April 30th to May 3rd, there will be free wild luxury plans, breaking through games, "green horse" check in, hidden players, Bobo coconut flash and Cos interaction, postcard interaction, human body induction interaction and other games. In addition, you can also find street basketball challenges, fancy basketball performances, summer action and other activities in Haikou Century Park.

It’s time for family outings during the vibrant summer season. Parents can bring cute baby handwritten postcards, or perform a health dance with coconut people, or participate in the "Fun Summer" competition, take a photo with the large "green horse" model and show a "green code" pose.

In the pool square of Haikou Wormhole Library, the Jumping Soul fancy dunk show team bring a wonderful and cool fancy basketball performance. There will also be trampoline shooting performances and experience activities on the spot. You can also follow professional activities, to experience trampoline, Samba, Vitality Cardio and more.

Highlight 3: The thrilling West Coast Trend Sports Carnival

During May Day, the Sheraton Haikou Hotel will host a band performance, with music to activate every cell. It is worth mentioning that traditional luxury activities in recent years will also be airborne in Coconut City-Haikou. From May 1st to May 3rd, the Sheraton Haikou Hotel will hold the vintage boutique Beauty Afternoon Tea Salon. Friends who like traditional luxury experiences should not miss it.

A hotel only offers somewhere to sleep? That is out of date! In Haikou, staying in a luxury hotel can mean enjoying a comfortable island holiday life, watching a beach volleyball game without your leaving room, and even enjoying a dynamic music festival. This is how to absorb and adapt to the "slow life" of Haikou.

During the May Day holiday, luxury hotels such as the Sheraton Haikou Hotel, Shangri-La Hotel Haikou, and Marriott Hotel Haikou all offer discounts. If you purchase a buffet meal for two or the full amount of dining consumption, you will get a concert ticket, a baseball experience class or a beach volleyball double ticket. The price is affordable and not to be missed!

There are also sports events such as the first beach 6v6 volleyball match, youth baseball training camp, hip-hop competition, and energetic baby mini hip-hop game, which will surely make you smile.

Highlight 4:Wild luxury camping, cute pet show, have a good time in summer

This holiday, bring three or two friends, your cute baby and pets, and come to the east coast of Haikou to start the May Day Party!

Here, you can play board games in a circle with melodious music. Bring your young children, make handmade, balloon flowers and experience the fun of DIY.

This summer, bring your pets to the east coast of Haikou! There’s lots of rich and delicious pet food available here, as well as pet services.

Hilton Haikou Luneng has set up indoor curling, which can be cool in summer. Take photos on the floral wall of the hotel and punch in to receive surprise benefits!  

Highlight 5: Bus Parade with Lucky Draw

On April 30, six double-decker "lucky buses" will set off leading citizens and tourists to experience the tropical coastal style and nightlife of Haikou.

There are two different themed Lucky Buses that will tour the city, two daytime sightseeing routes and one night sightseeing route, giving citizens and tourists a chance to fully experience the charm of Coconut City.

Citizens and tourists can get on the bus at Mova Mall Square and the other stops along the way to buy “Lucky Bus” tickets.

With the ticket, you can take the lucky bus for unlimited times and any stop on the day. In addition, it also includes a "Lucky Supply Pack", which includes beautifully designed masks, fans, bracelets and other items. The Guide Book in the lucky bag offers passengers preferential discounts in the city, along with preferential packages from designated outlets on the app of "Hui Ju YeCheng, Hi Shopping on May Day, enjoy Haikou Life". The lucky bag also contains a "Lucky Draw Card", which can be used to get five-star hotel free coupons!

Those who consume the package at Mova Mall, Friendship Sunshine City, and Shangbang Parkway City can also enjoy a free ticket when the consumption coupon is charge off. Tickets can be used at any stop to get a lucky bag. Medical staff and soldiers can get it for free.