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Haikou's century-old arcade street highlighted in special CCTV news programme

Haikou's century-old arcade street highlighted in special CCTV news programme

The 2022 annual meeting of the Boao Forum for Asia will be held from 20 to 22 April. The special CCTV news programme "Boao Sails" takes you to Hainan to check out Haikou's century-old Arcade Street, to learn about Hainan's intangible cultural heritage, and to explore the secrets of the old street.

Haikou Arcade Street dates back more than 100 years. It boasts around 600 historical arcade buildings, 331 of which are identified as historic buildings and listed for protection. It is the largest and basically well-preserved arcade building complex in China. In 2009, it was awarded the title of "One of the first ten famous Chinese historical and cultural streets" by the Ministry of Culture.

Follow CCTV’s programme to check in on Haikou's centennial arcade street.

Peng Wang, Docent of Arcade Street in Haikou, Hainan: Arcade Old Street is like the ancestral home of Haikou City, it has witnessed the historical changes and development of the city of Haikou. Most of the arcades on the old street were built in the 1920s and 1940s by overseas Chinese, returning to their hometown from Nanyang. After going to Nanyang, they made money through business and brought back the most beautiful buildings they saw at that time to their hometown.  

The vivid lion and dragon dance, the lifelike doll show, and the centuries-old home-grown sugar-making skills. In Haikou Arcade Street, you can walk into the Haikou Intangible Cultural Heritage Cultural Exhibition Hall to experience traditional culture and folk customs.

Peng Wang, Docent of Arcade Street in Haikou, Hainan: Our Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition Hall displays 19 items of intangible cultural heritage, from the three aspects of society, production and life – through a range of exhibits. They feature our traditional skills, food, dance, and intangible cultural heritage items such as national folk customs.

Hainan Lion Dance, Dragon Dance

Hainan Doll Opera

Native sugar clarification techniques

Hainan Opera

Hainan Coconut Carving

Hainan Traditional Music of Eight Instruments

The old arcade we see now

In fact, after passing through Haikou again and again

Renovate, repair, preserve

in the process of repairing

In line with the "repair the old as the old" approach

To restore the ancient style and characteristics of primitive simplicity  

On April 15th, the protection and restoration project of the historical arcade building in the north area of Zhongshan Road is progressing steadily.

Photo by Haikou Daily reporter Kang Denglin

In Haikou Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition Hall

There is a Haikou Arcade Old Street Repair Craft Exhibition Hall

It shows the raw materials and repair process of the old arcade street.

Walk out of the Haikou Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition Hall

You can take a stroll along Zhongshan Road and enjoy the Arcade Street

Check out the most distinctive arcade shops.

Eat a bowl of Qingbuliang, a Hainanese taste.

Explore time-honored specialty shops and island stories.

Taste traditional old herbal tea and pass on tea culture.

The century-old Arcade Street is a stand-out feature of Haikou City. A city with beauty and literary architecture, elegant and meticulous sculptures and Western-style decorations, all exuding a charming atmosphere. Arcade Old Street is waiting for you to check it out.