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There’s something for everyone! Haikou launches five boutique "colour" tourist routes

There’s something for everyone! Haikou launches five boutique "colour" tourist routes

Green onion, sapphire blue, dazzling purple, green grey, vermilion.

Tribute to travel in the name of colour.

In order to deepen the memory of the city of Haikou for citizens and tourists, so that everyone can feel the charm and temperament of the city that belongs to Haikou, the city has recently arranged local tourism resources by benchmarking the source market. Based on the perspective of "brilliant city," for the young people, women, business travellers and family groups in the source market, the five high-quality "colour" lines of "green onion, sapphire blue, dazzling purple, green gray and vermilion" have been launched. Each route has creatively refined and interpreted the theme. Whether you go to the countryside or travel through mountains and rivers, there is always a suitable one for you!

Route: parent-child tour

Suitable for: parent-child family, offering a classroom full of green......

For every family’s travel, meeting the needs of children is always the first priority. The "green" one-day tour route launched by Haikou City has set up Hainan Tropical Wildlife Park and Botanical Garden and Dongzhai Gang National Nature Reserve for parent-child travel families, along with the Haikou Tropical Agricultural Science and Technology Expo Park, Hainan Tianyu Flight Training Base and other scenic spots.

All offering a chance to enjoy nature, admire animals and plants as well learning about aviation.

Hainan Tropical Wildlife Park and Botanical Garden is known as "a natural museum that can be travel by driving". This zoo and botanical garden presents a panoramic view of the tropical rain forest ecosystem.

It is a natural museum that condenses the essence of tropical animals and plants. It is also a gathering place for super animal stars in Hainan. In addition to the "Cute Tiger" family, you can also watch panda brothers and white-cheeked gibbons. In such an immersive natural research experience, children can learn while also enjoying their leisure.

Dongzhaigang National Nature Reserve is an excellent place to watch migratory birds. It is an important nature reserve for the protection of mangrove wetlands estuaries and marine tidal flat ecosystems in the northern tropics and habitats for overwintering birds.

It is the nature reserve that boasts the most mangrove resources and the most abundant tree species.

There are 204 species of birds inhabiting the reserve, which is an important resting place for many migrating waterfowl, among which are the black-faced spoonbill, brown-winged cuckoo, black-billed gull, peregrine falcon and so on. The four "sea and land messengers", including white bone soil, red sea olive, autumn eggplant, and non-petal sea mulberry, are intertwined and stand on the tidal flat, forming the strongest lineup of "coast guards".

Haikou Tropical Agricultural Science and Technology Expo Park is a treasure trove of popular science and offers a small classroom for natural research. Bringing children here to explore the scientific mysteries of tropical marine life and flowers and plants allows them to experience the fun of agricultural science and discover the beauty of nature from an early age. 

When you come to Hainan Tianyu flight training base, you can make an appointment to experience aviation science, cabin simulation, flight simulation, and survival training, and start a special aviation research trip.

Route: check in tour

Suitable for: Business travellers, young leisure travellers

In Haikou, Century Bridge carries the huge traffic flow between the urban area and Haidian Island. When you come to the bridge deck through the sightseeing elevator, you can not only see the rolling traffic, but also the captivating scenery on both sides of Haikou Bay.

The coastal trail under the bridge stretches for more than 10 kilometres, allowing citizens and tourists to experience a different coastal style. Every afternoon at 6-7 o'clock, as long as the weather is good, you can see the sunset and sunset from different angles when you walk along the trail.

The Bund, on the east side of century Bridge, offers many restaurants and bars. Travellers looking to take a stroll can enjoy the night scenery of the Bund at Music Bar No. 1, which specialises in western food and Hainanese cuisine. 

Haikou’s literary and artistic landmark, the Wormhole Library, has become popular all over the world with its concept map. Wormhole Library is an irregular building of 360 degrees without dead ends. If you would like to enter the museum, you can make an appointment through the official public Wechat accountof Wormhole Library.

Located beside Binhai Avenue, Haikou Bay Performing Arts Center, a new landmark of public culture in Haikou, boasts an excellent theatre atmosphere.  Offering satisfying and diverse performances and exhibitions. Baishamen Park, Yan Art Museum, and Yunhai Art Museum are also worth visiting.

Route: Sports Tour

Suitable for: travel experts and sport traveller who love life and challengesBreak through the mountains and seas and see the vibrant blue...

In Haikou, the sea is a great place to play. Have you ever imagined yourself, galloping in the " Sports Field between Mountain and Sea "  burning calories like crazy? The sea is perfect for travellers and athletes who have a hunger for adventure.

In Haikou, head out to sea from the pier of the largest national sailing base in Asia, watch the seabirds circling in the sky, admire thousands of sails pass by beside you, watch the waves bloom under the sun, and experience the speed and passion of the sea. 

Come to the Hairen Sailing Sailing Club on the west coast of Haikou. It not only gives you the experience of sailing, but also provides a one-on-one professional coach to explain the basic knowledge and entry-level sailing essentials.

The Mission Hills Golf Course, located on a 10,000-year-old volcanic rock, features quiet ancient trees and stone walls. Walking on the golf course with black, bare stones have become the most difficult obstacles for golfers. Here, you can experience the pleasure of swinging on a 180-hole super golf course: 10 golf courses with different styles, jointly built by 50 international golf course designers, with a perfect fusion of black sand, grass and lava. When you are tired, you can also soak in a mineral hot spring to relieve your muscles and recharge your batteries.

The National Southern Football Training Base is located in Mission Hills, with modern sports facilities. It is a professional football base that is ideal for families and competition with friends. Here, you can also experience the first-class youth training activities in Asia and enjoy a hearty sports experience. 

Driving to Leiqiong Global Geopark Hainan, one of the most complete dormant volcanoes in the world, you can see the unique volcanic landforms formed through the years.

There are volcanic cones, lava tunnels, living fossil wild trees and other magical landscapes. Although the highest altitude of the park is only 222.8 metres, it takes some physical strength to climb up. On the way, you can enjoy the circular plank road and the unique volcanic village, and you can see the Qiongzhou Strait when you reach the commanding heights of Ma’anling.  

Route: Shopping tour

Suitable for:Adults

In Haikou, you can have an endless list of must-haves for travel. Mova Mall Plaza, Mission Hills New Town, Friendship Sunshine City, New Town Wuyue Plaza, Wanghai International Plaza, etc. are all famous, landmark commercial centres in Haikou. You can experience high-end shopping trips in these buzzing places and indulge in a rewarding experience.

Mova Mall Plaza brings together many international first-line FMCG brands. As a large-scale consumer shopping centre in Haikou, it has 12 constellation buildings, six major business formats, and more than 200 well-known brands. It is committed to creating a unique urban life experience. CDF and Haikong Global Boutique Duty Free Store are located in the west/east area of the square respectively, attracting more than 600 international first-line brands, allowing you to experience a world-class luxury shopping experience.

The Hainan gift experience store, which mainly focuses on Hainan's characteristic tourism products, provides citizens and tourists with a shopping trip of Hainan's boutique characteristics with impeccable experience, cost-effectiveness and service. 

In Mission Hills New City, the 40,000-square-metre "sports outlet" themed space is an organic integration of experience and consumption and is committed to bringing customers a new entertainment retail experience. Shenzhen Duty Free cooperates with DFS to create the themed shopping space, "Beauty World" and "World Famous Wine Tour.”

There’s also the Teddy Bear Museum and golf hotel groups such as The Ritz-Carlton Haikou, Renaissance Haikou Hotel, Mission Hills Hotel Haikou, etc. While shopping, you can stay in these hotels to experience a first-class accommodation experience. Mixc, which has introduced top luxury brands, has built high-end stores such as "national flagship store" and "regional characteristic concept store", which are expected to open in late June.  At that time, Haikou will add a new purchase hall ". 

Route: Cultural and historical tour

Suitable for: Those who enjoy cultural exploration

Are you fascinated by the history and culture of Hainan? Then you mustn’t miss the three-day "cultural and historical tour", which will take you to explore the cultural charm of Hainan across thousands of years – exploring the revolutionary history of Hainan.

Along this route, the Hainan Provincial Museum, which integrates the historical and cultural treasures of Hainan, is the first stop. Here, you can't miss the exhibition of maritime civilization in the South China Sea, the wreck of Huaguang Reef No. 1, the historical exhibition of Hainan, and experience the long history changes of the prehistoric island.

In the century-old Arcade Street, citizens and tourists can not only experience the largest and best preserved old street in Haikou, but also enjoy local snacks such as Hainan noodles, Qingbuliang, etc., and visit the classic restaurant Quanfengtai .

In Arcade Street, you can also stay at the museum hotel, Huanhai Pavilion, or indulge in the cultural and ancient features of the homestay-Haikou Guest 1921, which has the best photography position in the old street.

In addition, citizens and tourists can also visit Qiongtai Fudi, feel the solemnity and grace of Qiongtai Pavilion and Fudi Place, and stroll along Zhongjie Road shopping Street to appreciate times of change.

Five Ancient Ministers Memorial Temple located on Haifu Road consists of ancient building complex built in the Wanli period of the Ming Dynasty. Pavilions, red walls and green tiles are still remain. You can "watch history and humanities in the daytime, and watch trees lights at night". The site of the CPC Qiongya First Conference, the coconut-level rural tourist spot in Xinpo Town, and the Tomb of Hai Rui are also not to be missed.

Which route colour will you choose? Which attraction is for you?

Come on, let's travel to Haikou together!