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Best souvenirs to remember Haikou

Hainan island and Haikou wouldn’t be the same without their tropical palm trees and coconuts. You can’t take them home internationally of course, but you can prolong your memories with some souvenir coconut oil.

Hainanese people use it to cook fried sea fish and deep-fried food, for example, adding an irresistible fragrance to the local cuisine. However, besides being an ingredient that will make your recipes rock, the coconut oil is regarded as an ally for your health, skin and hair care as well. Fashionistas simply love its anti-oxidation properties, present in soaps or hand creams alike.

If you’re looking to buy some gifts of this nature, you can try one of these brands: Ye Xiang Fu (椰香福), Ye Lai Xiang (椰来香), Chun Guang (春光), Hainan Story (海南故事).

As well as coconut oil, coconut cakes and candies, available in many tourist shops throughout Haikou, are also a great souvenir of your visit. But that’s not all.

Coconut Carvings

Dating back to the Tang Dynasty, coconut carvings are part of Hainan’s Intangible Cultural Heritage, hence why they’re so trendy among tourists. Tea sets, wine sets, smoking sets and vases are amongst some of the most popular souvenirs. They’re all crafted from the shells of coconuts.

Recommended Brands: Gu Ye Fang (古椰坊),Lu Zhu Ye Fang (露珠椰艺),Fu Ye (福椰),Bi Hai Tourism Craft Workshop (碧海旅游工艺坊)

Coconut Carvings


As one of the world’s most expensive woods, it’s no surprise Agarwood also ranks highly on tourist souvenir lists. The fragrance it exudes leaves no one indifferent to its charm.

Recommended Brands: Wan Fang (万方),Hainan Xiang Tang (海南香堂),Yimei Craft Workshop (易美工艺品).

Hainan Pearls

Famous for their quality and size, Hainanese pearls are a girl's best friend when it comes to buying jewels to take home as a souvenir. If you can’t resist their seductive charm, you should look out for one of the following brands:

Recommended Brands: Jing Run (京润), Hai Run (海润),Mei Yu (美裕),Ye Hai (椰海).

Hainan Partridge Tea and Coffee

For a hot drink with a difference, why not buy some Partridge tea and Hainanese coffee, praised as the “best quality coffee in the world,” as some gifts. The aromas of Haikou will always be with you, perfect to be tasted once you have left the island.

Recommended Brands: Fushan Coffee (福山咖啡),Qilou Coffee (骑楼咖啡),Lishen Coffee (力神咖啡),Xinglong Coffee (兴隆咖啡),Seng Gu (森谷)

Spanish Mackerel

You probably never thought about offering someone fish as a souvenir. However, the unique flavour of Spanish Mackerel made it quite popular in Haikou. It’s a rare yet delicious gift once cooked, one which you’ll love to enjoy with your family and friends.

Recommended Shops: Jin Yu Image Store (金宇形象店); Guo Xing Image Store (国兴形象店)