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Discover Evergreen Park by Air Balloon

Seen from above, Haikou is even more magical than it looks from the ground. With that in mind, why not head skywards? A trip in an air balloon gives you a bird’s eye view of this wonderful destination, a totally different perspective.

For sightseeing, or a special romantic treat, riding high above Evergreen Park is an experience you’ll never forget.

You can normally take a ride between 0900 and 2200, with some break in the service during that period. Availability is also dependent on conditions.

A world of wonders divided into 16 spots

Once you start going up, you’ll be treated to awesome views of green areas, an artificial lake, and a variety of trees. As one of Haikou’s four major parks, officially inaugurated in 1996, the Evergreen boasts nearly ten thousand trees and hundreds of ornamental plants, typical of Southern Asia.

The biggest open tropical seaside park is divided into 16 spots including vast grass areas, a bamboo zone and a golf driving range, for example. The Evergreen also hosts frequent festivals and events and is also a hotspot for sports lovers and chess players, who enjoy gathering here. If you share the same passion, you can challenge some of them. Check mate!

Family retreat

At Evergreen, a great day out is always guaranteed for families. With its food streets, children’s areas and amusement park, you’ll never run out of things to keep your kids entertained. Make sure you add a visit here to your bucket list.