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Discover Haikou-style Life

Laid-back. Two words define Haikou’s character. As the capital of Hainan, known as ‘Longevity Island,’ health and wellness are in its DNA. A place where you can truly escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and indulge in some ‘me’ time.

Haikou, as a haven of tranquillity, offers all sorts of leisure opportunities. Open your eyes and calm your mind through unique experiences. Soothe and restore your body with a relaxing dip in a hot spring. Push your limits with new sports. Enjoy exciting nightlife, some quality social time with friends and family. One thing is for sure, you will leave Haikou feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and with a renewed zest for life.

Sports & Fitness

Haikou’s abundant natural beauty and fresh air make it the perfect place to enjoy sports and fitness activities. Pull on your trainers and go for a run along the captivating coastline or through a lush, green park. Take to the saddle and get some exercise by bike. Golf-lovers are spoiled for choice with a wealth of world-class courses and clubs to choose from.

Sailing in Haikou

Slow Life

Escape the stresses and strains of everyday life. In Haikou, you can slow things right down, switching to a much more relaxed pace. Take your time as you explore. Go for a stroll along the beautiful beaches, with the calming sounds of the crystal-clear sea; or stop for a drink under the shade of a palm tree. Haikou offers an environment like no other, one that is care-free and so attractive.

Hainan coffee

Rural Tourism

Haikou, at the northernmost point of Hainan, offers beautiful natural scenery. Head for Shicha village in the volcanic tourism area. Here you will find buildings made of volcanic rock nestled between beautiful, colourful plants and flowers including Bougainvillea and roses. Together, they create a captivating landscape worthy of an oil painting. The growing of Dendrobium, a member of the orchid family, is also characteristic of the village.

Cycling in Haikou


Thanks to its volcanic roots, Haikou is home to abundant hot springs. Sit back and relax in these steaming, natural wonders, experiencing the health and nourishing benefits. Many of Haikou’s international Five-Star hotels have physio and spa facilities to enjoy too. Or why not try traditional Chinese medicine to help relieve your stresses, aches, and pains?


Haikou really comes to life at night. A feast of lights and activity in the warm darkness. Different to other cities, things start getting lively from around 9 pm. Local tea and coffee houses are filled with people gathering to chat and people watch. Street markets are bustling, including the Hainan University South Gate University. You can try BBQ and other snacks, while browsing for souvenirs. You can then dance the night away at a choice of clubs and bars, mainly to be found in the Meilan and Xiuying Districts.