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Must-try fruits when you visit Haikou

Besides being an idyllic getaway destination, Haikou is an ideal to reconcile yourself with nature and enjoy delicious fruits to give your wellbeing a lift.

With plenty of shapes and striking colours that you might never have seen, the local produce benefits from the sunlight, selenium-rich soils and volcanic heritage. These natural ingredients nurture the authentic flavours you’ll only be able to find here. Throughout the year, different fruits become available. Here are the main seasons and what to look out for.


If you visit Haikou from January to March, you can’t miss trying the delicious strawberries, mangoes and emperor bananas. You’ll also find the bell-shaped rose apples with a sweet and fragrant taste, longans, which resemble lychees but have a drier sweetness, and cherry tomatoes, should you like a nice salad.


The period running from April until June is abundant in pineapples, jackfruit, one of the largest tree-born fruits in Hainan, lychees and the irresistible white dragon fruit. Besides these, you’ll also find local stalls brimming over with plenty of wampees, rambutan, sugar apples and mangosteen, an important fruit in Chinese Traditional Medicine, known as “the queen of fruits.”

sugar apples in Haikou


Also popular in Hainan and Haikou is the guava, which is available from July until September. Locals love eating it with salt and pepper. During this time of year, you can also give carambolas, papayas and pomelos a try. If you fancy, it’s worth enjoying roasted sugarcane too.

papayas in Haikou


Honeydew and green oranges are quite common from October until December. Should you try to replenish your physical strength during your stay these are the fruits for you. Don’t miss the chance to taste them.

Coconut: the star fruit

Green and red coconuts are available throughout the year. As the most popular fruit of the island, they’re the perfect ally to cool you down on the hot summer days. Locals say they’re better tasted at noon time – a top tip to remember!

coconuts in Haikou