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​Enjoy Spring Festival in Haikou, learn more about the 2022 celebration activities

​Enjoy Spring Festival in Haikou, learn more about the 2022 celebration activities

 Trends Cultural, arts and cultural activities, creative social interaction
The youth atmosphere of Spring Festival
Having fun, eating, drinking, creating, exploring
The marketing campaign of "Enjoy 2022 Spring Festival in Haikou" will launch soon
There are 30 festival activities integrating culture, sports and tourism
 “Interesting, Classy, Attitude”
Inviting all travelers and citizens of Haikou City to join the party.

Garden parties, guochao trends of country life, new drama, new year and new wonders. Haikou Municipal Bureau of Tourism, Culture, Radio, Television and Sports, working to effectively market and promote cultural and tourism consumption, will strive to achieve a "good start and a stable opening" in the tourism and cultural industry during the first quarter of 2022.

The bureau has launched the "Enjoy Spring Festival in Haikou " marketing campaign, offering a sumptuous Spring Festival tourism and cultural feast to citizens and tourists who stay in Haikou for the Chinese New Year.

Changying Flowers Change Festival

In order to cultivate the new hot spots and new formats of tourism consumption of Spring in Haikou, as well as the integration of tourism and culture and the new trend of consumption, Haikou Municipal Bureau of Tourism, Culture, Radio, Television and Sports has carefully designed the combination marketing and promotion of tourism products centering on Hainanese visiting Haikou. The two elements of the Chinese New Year atmosphere and the coastal metropolis strongly combine together into the design of Spring Festival tourism products.

The theme is “Enjoy the Spring Festival in Haikou”, with five activities and products:“Sleepless nights with quality travel”, “Customs under the coconut tree”,” New Year, New Drama, New Wonders”,”Guochao trend of country life”, ”high with treasure island”They are all designed to encourage Hainanese people to come to Haikou to have fun and enjoyment during the Spring Festival this year.

The 2022 Spring Festival's tourism and cultural activities in Haikou are rich in content. There are 30 cultural, sports and tourism festivals with distinct themes and frequent interactions. Haikou scenic spots, hotels, rural tourism spots, etc. will launch projects covering food, folk customs, music, exhibitions, shopping, performances, film and television.

During the Spring Festival, TIMES'DF Mission Hills Haikou will launch the New Year Shopping Sales, where you can enjoy Chinese New Year gifts and red envelopes in the stores, and celebrate the Chinese New Year with exquisite items. A number of star-rated hotels in Haikou will launch "Beauty Gathering Time in Haikou" refreshment party discounts and accommodation packages. In addition, many bars and restaurants on the Bund in Haikou will also offer "Sales Season" to create a street of the theme of ”Sleepless nights with quality travel” products on the Bund in Haikou.

Sales Season on the Bund

TIMES'DF Mission Hills Haikou

For the products of “Customs under the coconut tree”, citizens and tourists can go to Mission Hills New Town in Haikou to attend the New Year shopping Festival, enjoy a one-stop shopping experience, visit the Lunar New Year Flower Market, and take home the strong atmosphere of New Year products with the joy of duty-free shopping and outlet discounts. Or you can go to the lobby of Meilan District Public Library Culture Centre to enjoy the "2022 Spring Festival Calligraphy Exhibition.” Its works include Seal script, Clerical script, Cursive script, Semi-cursive script, Regular script with poetry, lyrics, couplets, but also famous quotes and aphorisms feature too. You can experience the atmosphere of the New Year in the artistic. 

2022 Spring Festival Calligraphy Exhibition

On New Year's Eve, the square in front of Xin'an Community, Haidian Street, Meilan District, Haikou will also stage a New Year's Garden Party, including cultural performances, charity sales of special products, etc. During the Lantern Festival, Changying Resort Wonderland will also launch the "Changying Flowers Change Festival", featuring outdoor performances with unique Chinese characteristics, providing tourists with a new leisure experience.

Travel during the day and go to the theatre at night. During the Spring Festival, Haikou Bay Performing Arts Centre and Hainan Provincial Opera theatre also present many musical stage plays and children's plays such as "Maomao Town", " The Journey of a Legendary Landscape Painting", "Cao Xueqin", "Canned Little Man", etc. “New Year, New Drama, New Wonders" opens an immersive experience and a childlike parent-child journey for the audience.

New Drama

Guochao trend of country life: this themed product line will run from January to March. During the period, the 2022 Haikou Bougainvillea Exhibition focuses on pastoral flowers, the Haikou "Han Meilin Zodiac Art Exhibition" on the 12 zodiac and the "Spring in the Free Trade Port" activities are on offer - to enjoy the different feelings of Chinese New Year.

Playing in the sea, cycling, playing basketball, having fun in the garden are all ways to mark the Spring Festival, through “Hgih with the treasure island ".

Basketball held on Haikou Century Park basketball court cultivates the spirit of self-challenge and conveys a beautiful new year in 2022. Water sports activities will be held from February 1st to February 5th at Haikou Xixiu Beach National Sailing and Windsurfing Training Base No. 1. The first 300 applicants every day will participate in the catamaran sailing experience, paddle board experiences, kayaking, speedboat tours and more for free.

watersports in Spring

Fun sports activities will also be held in Even Green Garden, with a series of activities such as Rushing off by wisdom, shooting masters, dribble master and treasure hunting in the Spring Festival, suitable for all ages. The physical fitness service station for the Spring Festival welcomes adults to carry out physical fitness monitoring, fitness skills guidance, fitness knowledge training, etc. for adults. Wuyuanhe Stadium, Century Park Football Stadium, Football Park, Mission Hills Football Training Base and other public sports venues will be open to free or will offer low-cost sports activities, which will attract more citizens to participate in sports.

It is reported that Haikou Municipal Bureau of Tourism, Culture, Radio, Television and Sports has promoted various exciting activities through TV media, newspaper media, APP , radio, outdoor hard broadcasting, etc. The 2022 Haikou Bougainvillea Exhibition and Han Meilin's Zodiac Art Exhibition and other activities have been opened successively to welcome guests.

Han Meilin Zodiac Art Exhibition