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Outdoor Activities

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Football in Haikou

Haikou boasts an international-standard football training base which is worth a look, should you be a sports lover.
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Splash City Haikou Water Park

If you’re a thrill seeker, with a passion for water, then Wet ‘n’ Wild water park won’t disappoint!
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Yacht Cruising in Haikou

Yachting has a natural fit in Hainan, thanks to the stunning environmental conditions, coastline and tropical weather.
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Sailing and Windsurfing in Haikou

With a vast coastline on the west coast of Haikou, sailing in Hainan is a dream come true.
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Beach Soccer in Haikou

If you would like to experience a unique place to play, feel invited as of now to come to Haikou and indulge in beach soccer.
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Cycling in Haikou

If you’re looking to cycle in Haikou, all you need is some free time and motivation to work out.