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Yaocheng Homestay

Introduction & Highlights

A treasure dating back to the Qing Dynasty, Haikou's Yaocheng Village has survived the challenges of time to become a temple of sustainability, attracting increasing attention from local and overseas tourists alike.

If you’re interested in visiting this historical and cultural place, adjacent to the Dongzhai Gang Mangrove Wetland Reserve, you can stay at the Yaocheng Homestay, which combines ecology with an elegant style.

You will be able to choose among different theme-houses with amazing courtyards that used to belong to local villagers and were transformed.

With five rooms, the Yao Le Courtyard (瑶乐院) is perfect for family weekends. It is surrounded with trees and has lovely attractions to keep your kids busy.

The San Bei Tea House(三杯茶院) is known for its outstanding architectural design and interiors. It boasts five rooms and is the perfect place to gather groups of people at the table and enjoy a cup of tea.

The Yao Yun Courtyard (瑶韵院) blends history and modernity in the same place with the advantage of having a multifunctional hall and cultural exhibition area. It includes seven bedrooms in a magical area where you’ll also be able to see old walls that have been preserved.

If you’re travelling on business, the Wen Lin Courtyard (文林院) is for you. With three bedrooms, it includes a multi-functional meeting room, 5G full coverage and everything you need to work remotely as if you were in your own office.

The Wen Kui Courtyard (文魁院) breaths the Chinese aesthetic indoors and outdoors. A traditional Chinese garden design was used to create breathtaking views you can enjoy from the windows of one of the four rooms.

Depending on your personal tastes you can also choose the Lian Li Ju (连理居), with six bedrooms, or the Jun Long courtyard, with 16.

Whatever your choice, you'll have an amazing experience, while also contributing to the lives of local communities, who benefit from the income generated by the project.

Contact Number: 0898-66715555


Yaocheng Homestay, Yanyao Road, Yanfeng Town, Meilan District, Haikou (海口市美兰区演丰镇演瑶路海南控股瑶城民宿)