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Creations Museum Hotel

Located in the Arcade Streets, in the old downtown area of Haikou, this charming place to stay opened its doors this year.
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Yaocheng Homestay

Haikou's Yaocheng Village has survived the challenges of time to become a temple of sustainability, attracting increasing attention from local and overseas tourists alike.
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Pu Shu Luxury Homestay

Embraced by nature and surrounded with views, the homestay is heaven on earth for those looking to relax in Haikou.
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Monet Art French Qingshe Hostel

With dazzling baroque-style interiors, the boutique hotel is decorated in a classic yet romantic way.
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Impression Haishanghua Inn

Located in the iconic 1942 Street, the inn is as evocative of the Chinese Republican Era as the surrounding buildings.
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Qilou Huanke 1921 Boutique Homestay

With a stunning terrace and exclusive skyline vista, the homestay offers a perfect view out over the arcade-house streets of Haikou