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Haikou Association of Travel Services

Established in September 2002, Haikou’s Association of Travel Services (HATS) has been actively regulating, supervising and raising the profile of the local tourism sector profile almost two decades.

During this time, Hainan island’s capital city has become a hub both as a leisure and business destination.

Solidarity, pragmatism, service and development are the core values at the heart of HATS. Legally independent, the association is jointly made up of travel agencies of the capital city registered through the Haikou Tourism Bureau and Civil Affairs Bureau.

For members, it is a reference for information, guidance and to get insights on how to improve performance, taking into account national guidelines and policies. 

Whilst contributing to the industry’s development, the association is also committed to standardisation, fostering liaison between the Government and travel agencies as well.

Innovation is a top priority for the near future, so that the sector continues to grow in a sustainable way, and for Haikou to become a top reference in the market.


4 floor, Huayin Building West Gate, Longkunbei Road 38, Longhua District, Haikou city.